Friday, July 16, 2010

First camp

Rainbow Health Care and Research Foundation had organised a ‘Free Health Check-up Camp for Children’ at Bilkisganj (District Sehore), about 20 kms from Bhopal on 20th June, 2010 from 9 am to 4 pm. A team of doctors, nurses, clinical assistant, clinical helpers and one person to register the patient details participated in the camp. Pamphlets announcing the date and time of the camp had been distributed in the surrounding area in advance. The patients started pouring-in from 9:30 am first gradually but after about 10:40 am in a stream. All the consultants at their four stations were then examining patients continuously one after the other. Some parents of new-borns needed counselling regarding handling of dehydration in the babies and how safe it would be for the new-born if treatment for dehydration could be initiated at an earlier phase. In a few patients, their conditions were diagnosed as due to rectal prolapse (requiring surgery) or congenital heart disease (needing investigations like Colour Doppler), etc. A lot of children and their parents were advised about diet and nutrition and some were provided with vitamin and iron tonics. About 210 children were examined in this day long camp. It was worth all the effort. The feeling of having reached out to children who really needed that extra effort, gave a sense of fulfilment to the team members.

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